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The idea was to start something that could re-shape the Golf Culture in the Western New York area. We wanted to make a unique fun environment that would appeal to the serious and non serious golfer. A place where you can keep your swing going all year round as well as relax. The golf world is so big filled with so many great people. The Links goal is to bring everyone together for a great time while playing the greatest game in the world. 

-Nick LoTempio (Owner)

The Links is powered by TrackMan 4 Dual Radar Technology, the world’s best when it comes to launch monitors and training tools. TrackMan is trusted by over 700 Tour Players worldwide, over 1,500 top coaches, all major equipment manufacturers and countless avid golfers.


Trackman simulators provide 40+ parameters and video analysis with live graphic overlays of club path, face angle, target line and ball trajectory, all for every shot you hit.

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